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Property Management

Our experienced and knowledgeable business partners have the expertise and dedication to take care of everything from tenant screening and rent collection to day-to-day maintenance and repairs, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy maximum returns from your rental properties.

We work closely with property management companies and real estate brokers, our services include:

  • Rent Collection: overseeing that rent payments are paid on time.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: ensuring that the property is well-maintained and any necessary repairs are made promptly.

  • Tenant Relations: supervising that any concerns the tenants may have are attended, and their needs are met.

  • Lease & Management Agreements:  managing leases and management agreements, including drafting and negotiating lease and management agreements, renewing leases, and handling lease and management agreements terminations.

  • Financial Management & Auditory: managing the property's finances, including preparing or reviewing budgets, paying bills, collecting security deposits and ensuring all financial obligations are met.

  • Marketing and Advertising: engaging 3rd parties to market the property to potential tenants, creating advertising campaigns, and organizing property tours.

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