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Legal Services

We provide expert legal advice to our clients on a variety of legal matters, including corporate, real estate transactions, regulatory compliance, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, and guidance on legal procedures and requirements.

  • Consulting: we offer consulting services to help clients develop legal strategies and avoid potential legal pitfalls. This include conducting legal research, reviewing contracts, and advising on regulatory compliance.


  • Corporate and Commercial: we assist clients with corporate and commercial law matters, such as business formation & governance, negotiating and drafting contracts, financings and more.


  • Real Estate: we provide legal services related to real estate, including property transactions, trusts (including fideicomisos de zona restringida), zoning and land use issues, and landlord-tenant disputes.


  • Immigration Law: we help our clients with immigration matters, including permanent or temporary residency applications and deportation defense.


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: we offer alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation and arbitration, as an alternative to traditional litigation.


  • Compliance: we assist our clients in complying with various legal requirements, such as employment laws and environmental regulations.


  • Intellectual Property: we offer services related to intellectual property, including patent, trademark, and copyright registration.


  • Employment Law: we offer employment law services, including advising on hiring practices, employee contracts, and termination.

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